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Hydropath Products

Hydropath Electronic Scale Inhibitors
Hydropath Water Conditioning Units

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Hydropath products offer solutions to a wide variety of water treatment & water conditioning issues, as well as the underlying energy related issues and problems resulting from lime scale build-up, corrosion, algae, bacteria, and biofouling.

Select from the Hydropath Industrial Water Treatment Solutions Below: (OBSOLETE)

Hydropath Large Industrial/Commercial Water Treatment Solutions:

HydroFLOW C Series, SteamKLEAR S Series, AquaKLEAR P Series, & AgriFLOW A Series


HydroFLOW C Series Electronic Descaler

Scale & Corrosion Control for:
Industrial and Commercial Feed Water and Facility Water Systems

Will also descale existing systems in most cases
(Pipe diameters from 2" to 78")

HydroFLOW S Series

Scale & Corrosion Control for:
Steam Boilers and Steam Generators

Will descale and prevent corrosion in steam boiler or steam generator systems
(Pipe diameters from 1-1/2" to 12")

AquaKLEAR P Series Electronic Water Conditioner

Water Treatment and Water Conditioning Solutions for:
Cooling Towers,
Water Intake & Biofouling Applications
Commercial Pools, Spas, Holding Ponds
Waste Water & Discharge Systems
(Pipe diameters from 2" to 78")

AgriFLOW Series Electronic Water Conditioner

Water Treatment and Water Conditioning Solutions for:
Irrigation, Livestock Feed Water, & Various agricultural applications


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** Savastat is a trademark of Fuel Economy Limited (UK)
*** HydroFLOW, AquaKLEAR, SpaKLEAR, AgriFLOW and SteamKLEAR are Trademarks of Hydropath Holdings (UK)
+ "Load Compensation" is a descriptive term used to describe Savastat LC principles of operation
++ "Physical Water Treatment" (PWT) or "Physical Water Conditioner" are terms used in the water industry for non-chemical water treatment or conditioning
All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners.
Note: Savastat SC Series units are Hydropath (UK) products, privately labeled for our use.


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