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Comparative Test Results


HydroFLOW HS-38 electronic water conditioner - scale inhibitor



Power Transfer Ratio

Single Coil Scalewatcher (S1) 0.0000015
Double Coil Water King (WK1) 0.000039
HydroFLOW HS-38 1

What makes HydroFLOW with Hydropath Technology so unique?

What makes HydroFLOW so unique is the internationally patented method used to induce the signal into the water system.  Effective power input is the key to successful physical water treatment.  The unique design properties of HydroFLOW makes it a perfect power transformer, able to induce all power consumed directly into the water column. No other technology does this.

You can see by reviewing the above chart, that HydroFLOW is over 10,000 times more efficient in inducing it's signal into the water column than any leading competitor (this is not a misprint!).  Based on this comparison, HydroFLOW's Technology is the clear choice of product for this type of water treatment.  This is what makes us the unsurpassed leader in the field of physical water treatment, and why we can always guarantee successful applications.  This is also why we are able to treat water systems with piping of sizes up to 78". We have successfully treated systems with a linear footage of 10 kilometers (about 5 miles) or more!

Because of the low power input of other technologies, they are only able to provide a localized effect of treatment, directly at the installation point of the unit itself.  The effect quickly dissipates as the water flows away from the unit.  HydroFLOW on the other hand effectively treats the water both upstream and downstream of the unit over great distances, maintaining a continual treatment effect.

Magnets on the other hand impart NO DETECTABLE POWER WHATSOEVER into the water column.  The effect is solely based upon the flow of water past the magnetic field.  As the minerals in the water flow past the field, a very slight current is induced between the ions which provides a very temporary effect, which then quickly deteriorates to no effect at all.  Also, when the water is not flowing, no treatment at all exists.

HydroFLOW is the clear choice for successful physical water treatment!


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