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C Series Units

HydroFLOW C Series electronic scale inhibitor-descaler

HydroFLOW "C" Series
Lime Scale Inhibitor - Lime scale control for Commercial and Industrial Applications

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HydroFLOW "C" Series water conditioning units are a revolutionary breakthrough in water treatment systems.  HydroFLOW generates a powerful conditioning effect over long distances of pipe networks, both upstream and downstream of the unit, without water having to flow past the signal generator itself.  Limescale prevention occurs within the entire protection zone. 

Not only does HydroFLOW employ the most advanced limescale antifouling technology currently available to inhibit the formation of new limescale, but also acts as an electronic limescale remover, to descale existing lime scale from facility systems. Lime scale removal will begin immediately after installation, and a noticeable improvement can often be seen within days of installation.  Complete lime scale removal will occur over time, and you can be confident in knowing that HydroFLOW is working to remove all existing limescale from your facility systems. 

HydroFLOW also eliminates many of the problems associated with lime-scale removal, such as increased maintenance costs, frequent equipment cleaning, costly downtime, loss of efficiency, reduced equipment life, need for costly chemicals, and hazardous waste removal.  HydroFLOW has proven to be effective with even the most difficult lime-scale problems.   With over 500,000  installations worldwide, and a 100% client satisfaction rating, HydroFLOW is in a league all of its own. 

Various HydroFLOW models provide complete flexibility for the effective treatment of hard lime-scale in water systems of every type and size.  Custom units provide treatment for pipe sizes up to 78" (2 meters) in diameter. To our knowledge, no other PWT solutions can address treatment of systems of this magnitude.

HydroFLOW Series water conditioning units are easily installed without the need for any additional plumbing or modifications to existing piping.  Typical installations take less than 15 minutes.  All HydroFLOW units come with a money-back "Fit for Purpose" Guarantee in addition to the 3 year limited warranty.

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