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S Series

Hydropath S Series for Commercial Steam Applications

SteamKLEAR "S" Series
Electronic Physical Water Treatment Units
Lime Scale Inhibitor for Steam Applications

(Commercial Grade Steam Applications)

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Some questions for Facility Managers to ask themselves:

  • How much energy could your organization save if your boiler could remain scale free all the time?

  • How much money could your organization save if you could run your steam boiler without the need for costly chemicals?

  • What if you could eliminate corrosion within your system without the need for environmentally harmful chemicals?

These are the benefits your organization will receive with the Hydropath S-Series treating the boiler feed water!

Sound too good to be true?  WE WILL PROVE IT TO YOU by conducting a FREE TRIAL for your organization!

Hydropath "S" Series water conditioning units are specifically designed for use as a lime scale inhibitor for Commercial Steam Applications.  These units eliminate harmful lime-scale buildup and corrosion in commercial and industrial Steam Boiler/Generator applications, an area where other products fall far short of achieving the goal.  The new Double Ferrite Ring design maximizes signal input induction ratio at low impedance for maximum scale protection on even the most difficult industrial applications.  No other technology comes close to achieving the results of our S units.

The electronic signal which is generated is also able to control corrosion within the steam boiler/generator system as well.  Rust coatings in mild steel pipe work are altered, resulting in a hard black surface deposit, magnetite, rather than normal rust, and further corrosion is prevented. This effect is due to an interference with the electro­chemical reaction needed for corrosion to take effect.  This effect can readily be verified by visual inspection after the system has been in place a while, often as little as a week or two.  Blow-downs will quickly show the results achieved with our SteamKLEAR-S units.

Still skeptical? Be sure to check out our ECMI Try BEFORE You Buy Program.

Standard "S" series units are available for pipe sizes up to 5" diameter.  Custom units are available for pipe sizes greater than 5". 

Hydropath "S" Series
System Specs


Max Pipe O.D.



S-60 2.362"
S-100 4.252"
S-120 5.118"


6" +

Please contact us or one of our Associates for details concerning pricing and implementation.


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