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AgriFLOW A Series

AgriFLOW "A" Series

Electronic Active Physical Water Treatment Units
(For Commercial Pools, Spas, Ponds & Cooling Tower Applications)

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Limescale adversely affects many aspects of agriculture, just as it does industry and in the home. Many systems that utilize water can be affected by limescale build-up, particularly in hard water areas. These can include irrigation systems, milking parlors and ponds to name but a few. Another nuisance that can go hand in hand with water supply is algae growth – a particular problem in watering troughs. There is now a low cost and permanent solution available to farmers called AgriFLOW.

AgriFLOW’s manufacturer, Hydropath UK Ltd, has adopted the technology from its successful HydroFLOW water treatment systems that are already proven in use by Colman's, Britvic and HP Bulmer as well as thousands of domestic applications around the world. It offers water and energy savings as well as other ecological benefits – particularly as it removes the need for chemical water softening, which results in sodium being sent to the watercourse.

AgriFLOW is a patented physical water conditioning system that integrates ferrite and solid-state electronics.  AgriFLOW transmits a powerful signal throughout the entire water system, continually treating the water 24 hours a day. The signal works up and down stream even in no flow conditions ensuring consistent and reliable protection. This signal affects the properties of the water to produce two beneficial effects – one on limescale build up and the other on algae and bacteria. It is not to be confused with other physical conditioners that rely on magnets.

The electric fields that AgriFLOW generates cluster the ions in the hard water resulting in the production of nuclei (seed crystals) everywhere in the system. When water is heated the resulting precipitate that usually deposits on hot surfaces as encrusting limescale, grows in suspension and is then washed away in the flow.

Algae and bacteria form a kernel, which is virtually impossible to filter out via normal filtration. The AgriFLOW water conditioner will resolve this problem by flocculating these suspended micro particles in order to allow filtration to be achieved.

A range of sizes of AgriFLOW unit is available to suit all applications. For smaller applications such as small/medium poultry rearing houses or ornamental ponds and fountains, the J60 is the most appropriate. The AgriFLOW J60 water conditioner improves filtration capabilities by creating a flocculating process, whereby the filter can catch the larger particles whereas fine suspended material would invariably block the filter. The J60 also reduces the amount of backwash water needed, due to the flocculated material resting on top of the filter and not blocking it. The J60 can also be used for misting systems in small/medium greenhouses. The J60 fits pipe size of up to 63mm outside diameter.

For larger and commercial applications, the ‘A’ range has been designed for specific applications to solve limescale, bacteria and algae problems in large commercial poultry houses, milking parlors, farming irrigation systems and industrial greenhouses. A particular feature of the A range is that it has an in-built power supply. The unit is therefore designed specifically for ease of installation in the agricultural environment.

The AgriFLOW A45 fits pipe size up to 45mm outside diameter. The AgriFLOW A60 fits pipe size of up to 60mm outside diameter. Larger AgriFLOW units are also available for larger pipe sizes for uncommon applications.

AgriFLOW can be easily installed on new and existing installations, as no cutting of pipe work is required. Another advantage is that any pumps, valves or heat exchangers on the system are also protected from limescale build up and the entire system benefits from reduced corrosion (particularly where chemical water softening systems have been removed).

The AgriFLOW system has already been trialed in Israel and farmers there have benefited from improved crop production, in terms of quantity and quality. Poultry farmers have found a decrease in the common poultry leg infection and improved bird well-being. Dairy farmers have found increases in production and quality in milking parlors.

A Series System Specs


Max Pipe O.D.

A-60 2.362"
A-100 4.252"
A-120 5.118"
A-160 7.874"


8" to 78"

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