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AquaKLEAR P Series
Water Conditioners

AquaKLEAR P Series

AquaKLEAR "P" Series

Electronic Active Physical Water Treatment Units
(For Commercial Pools, Spas, Ponds & Cooling Tower Applications)

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Are you suffering from consistently battling cloudy pool water?

Are you loosing the battle to control bacteria or control algae?

Does your pool's pH bounce out of control?

Are you constantly back-washing your pool?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help!

We invite Commercial and Government clients to try our AquaKLEAR "P" unit on your pool for 30 days RISK FREE BEFORE WE INVOICE.  After 30 days, simply pay for the unit, or return it to us.  We are confident that you will want to keep the P unit protecting your pool!
For more info, see our Try BEFORE You Buy Program

Q: I heard that I can manage algae simply by shocking with  bleach.  This is both cheap and effective.
Learn more about why continually using high levels of bleach may not be such a good idea!

Our AquaKLEAR P units will typically:

  • Typically clear a cloudy pool in JUST ONE or TWO DAYS!

  • Extend time needed between backwash cycles by up to 4x

  • Significantly reduce backwash time needed to clear filter of debris

  • Reduce make-up water usage (and costs to reheat & retreat)

  • Stabilize pH levels quickly within the accepted range.

  • Kill and Control Bacteria and Algae.

This is achieved without the need for additional chemicals, or other user intervention.

If you are a pool or spa owner or manager, think about how much easier your life would be:

  • If your swimming pool or spa's water could always be beautiful and crystal clear
  • If the water smelled fresh, and felt pleasing and natural all the time?
  • If your pool or spa could remain free of ugly calcium stains or deposits, and unwanted algae growth?
  • If you could be certain that the water is always free of harmful bacteria and microbes?
  • If you could achieve all these things and REDUCE your chemical usage and backwash times?
  • If maintaining your pool or spa to keep it clean and fresh could be less of a headache and less costly to manage?
  • Think of how inviting your pool would be for your guests if all this were so!
  • With our AquaKLEAR P units, these dreams become a reality!
No other technologies alone can provide all the benefits associated with our AquaKLEAR P Units!

AquaKLEAR "P" Series water conditioning units were specifically designed for use with swimming pools, spas, ponds, and cooling tower applications.  These units utilize the same technology as used in our "C" model units used for scale control, except that our "P" series are specifically engineered for use with loop systems where the generated signal could otherwise be negatively affected.  Also, we employ a much stronger and somewhat different signal which promotes flocculation and Kills Bacteria as well.

The P Series provides a powerful and continuous flocculation effect, and helps control and kill many (if not most) forms of harmful bacteria and microbes, which reduces the possibility of bathers contracting Recreational Water Illnesses.  By promoting flocculation, AquaKLEAR also reduces backwash time, and helps reduce problems associated with chlorine treatment (reduces Chloramines & THMs).  The result is non-irritating crystal clear water for an enjoyable swimming experience.  AquaKLEAR is a MUST HAVE for any commercial pool facility!


P Series units can also be used in cooling tower, pond, fountain, and wastewater applications where algae, bio-fouling, and high costs of flocculants are of concern.  We also work closely with our industrial clients to determine if AquaKLEAR is a viable solution for their specific process applications.  See our Case Studies for some of the applications which have successfully used Hydropath Technology in conjunction with various process operations.  Systems with piping up to 78" (2 meters) can be treated.

Still skeptical? Be sure to check out our ECMI Try BEFORE You Buy Program.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Laboratory Tests have indicated that the P Series units kill E. Coli as well as other strains of bacteria and algae which the units have been tested against.  Additional research is being conducted to determine applications in other areas which would benefit from this factor, and other inherent design capabilities of this unit. 

New units are also being developed which may be useful in applications for drinking water systems.   The unit may be used in applications to enhance the disinfection capabilities in straight-through systems to be used as potable water.  We will report further progress in these areas as it becomes available.

Special Note to Organizational Research and Development Departments:

(If your organization is involved in R&D of various process equipment, be sure to read this offer!)

AquaKLEAR-P units are available for both public and private pools of any size.

Ask us about our exclusive AquaKLEAR Alert! System, which gives an audio alarm if power is removed from the unit, or the unit has failed for any reason. 

Note: The AquaKLEAR Alert! System is for use with P, C, and S series units only. 

P Series System Specs
(Click here for Diagrams)


Max Pipe O.D.

P-60 2.362"
P-100 4.252"
P-120 5.118"
P-160 7.874"


8" to 78"

Please contact us or one of our Associates for details concerning pricing and implementation.


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