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What is Physical Water Treatment or Physical Water Conditioning?


What is Physical Water Treatment/Physical Water Conditioning? (PWT)

Physical Water Treatment/Conditioning

Chemists are concerned with the chemical reaction of elements and compounds that have formed as a result of the reactions. However, to gain an understanding of Physical Conditioners, one has to take into account the physical effects that occur before the reactions take place, hence the terms "physical treatment" or "physical conditioning".

Be aware that most physical water conditioning products (or PWT for "Physical Water Treatment") on the market today deal in some way with placing magnets or coils on the water system.  Magnets have been found to have little if no positive effect in most systems.  This is do to the FACT that magnetic systems RELY ON FLOW to achieve the desired effect.  When the water is not flowing, no effect is achieved.  When the water stops flowing, the desired effect is then quickly lost.  Also, the amount of energy that these types of devices can impart into the solute is minimal, and rapidly decreases with pipe size.  Even the most powerful magnets are not effective on large pipes.  See the diagram below regarding magnetic water conditioners.


Due to the fact that most PWT devices rely on flow to be effective, the current PWT industry and the professionals who have recommended these products have suffered a "black eye" in the industry and among other water treatment professionals.  Because most PWT vendors do not practice implementing their products strictly on applications where they have a chance of being effective, (which may be partially due to the fact that they don't seem to even know WHY or how their products might work) and therefore don't know how to properly specify their products for specific applications, the general consensus in the industry and among professionals has become simply that "they don't work".

So why are these products still around?  Simply put, every once in a while they get lucky and help to reduce scale in a system that has continuous flow, or meets the conditions of which they have a chance to be effective with.

Hydropath changes all this!

Hydropath can be regarded as an "Active" Physical Water Conditioner, whereas the propagation of the signal is ACTIVE ALL OF THE TIME, and does not rely on flow whatsoever.  The signal generated propagates throughout the entire system and is treating the water ALL THE TIME.  This is what makes Hydropath so unique in the field of Physical Water Treatment.  No other technology available today does this.



Hydropath IS the solution to hard water scaling.


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