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Insuring a proper HydroFLOW Installation - Watch out for Loops!

HydroFLOW is a physical water conditioner which eliminates the problems associated with hard scale formation in plumbing systems.  Proper specification of the units for specific applications is insured simply by sizing the unit correctly to the feed system.  Some applications may benefit by over-sizing the units, (for example a system with many branches, or linear piping which exceeds 400 yards) however in general, specification has been inherently incorporated into the unit design. By correctly sizing the unit to the feed water pipe size, power output and signal dynamics is a part of the inherent design specification. Therefore, flow rate for a given pipe size is not a concern.  The concern is primarily with installation location.

With a Hydropath unit being properly installed, success is assured.

So what is meant by a "proper installation?"

As for "proper installation", there can be a little more to it than first meets the eye.  This is why we typically like to work closely with our clients to insure a proper installation.  Location is key

Watch out for Loops!  An electrical loop is formed when a low impedance electrical path exists between the upstream side of the Hydropath unit, and the downstream side. A Hydropath unit can not function properly in a loop.  Please contact us for additional information concerning loops.

ECMI works closely with our clients to insure ALL of our installations are done correctly.

If the units are to be installed yourself, please be willing to allow us to provide advice and assistance for proper placement.  This may involve sending us photographs of the installation, and close communication with us to ensure a successful application.


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