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Call us today to have an ECMI Representative or Authorized Associate schedule a Site Survey for your organization.  We can work with you to determine how your organization can benefit by addressing the important issues our products work with, and provide a comprehensive report on the expected savings and return on investment time frame.  Implementing our project plans is gauged by minutes or hours to accomplish, not weeks and months, like many other energy saving plans take to implement!

As an Authorized Factory Direct Distributor, ECMI offers a complete line of Flow-Tech, Savastat, Hydropath, and SDR products.  We can provide assistance to clients anywhere within the United States.

Dealer opportunities are available in many areas.  Visit our Dealer Opportunities page if your company is interested in becoming part of our Team.  Representative opportunities may also be available in some areas.  Visit our Representative Opportunities for information concerning our Rep program.

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(414) 507-1934

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(414) 507-1934

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(414) 507-1934

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(414) 507-1934

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(414) 964-0071



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** Savastat is a trademark of Fuel Economy Limited (UK)
*** HydroFLOW, AquaKLEAR, SpaKLEAR, AgriFLOW and SteamKLEAR are Trademarks of Hydropath Holdings (UK)
+ "Load Compensation" is a descriptive term used to describe Savastat LC principles of operation
++ "Physical Water Treatment" (PWT) or "Physical Water Conditioner" are terms used in the water industry for non-chemical water treatment or conditioning
All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners.
Note: Savastat SC Series units are Hydropath (UK) products, privately labeled for our use.


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