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Hydropath P Series Warranty and Guarantee

(Including J-62 & W-63)

P Series units are guaranteed for a period of three years from date of purchase.  If the red light does not glow and the water conditioner has not been physically broken through misuse, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge.  The unit should be returned directly to the Company with proof of purchase.  Any unauthorized attempt to repair the unit will invalidate this guarantee.  Your statutory rights are not affected.
Warranty & Money Back Offer:
The warranty period with respect to fitness for purpose for P unit(s) is three months from date of purchase. If, after a period of more than one month after installation but not later than three months after installation, the end user demonstrates that the unit(s) failed to clear the water of suspended particles or prevent build-up of encrusting scale, the company will refund to the merchant the cost of the unit(s). The merchant will reimburse the contractor who will in turn reimburse the end user. The money back offer applies only where the units have been installed in accordance with the Company’s recommendations. The Company will not accept responsibility for the build-up of encrusting scale on heating and hot water equipment which has not been installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Your statutory rights are not affected.
Under no circumstances will the Company accept claims arising out of failure of the unit(s), nor will the Company accept any liability for consequential damage caused by the effectiveness and efficiency of the unit(s), e.g., where there is the possibility of loose scale particles being allowed to enter the system or process unfiltered. An end user’s rights are restricted to those set out in the guarantee and the money back offer. The Company will not accept responsibility for water leaks that are revealed by the dissolving of scale. The Company will not accept responsibility for any problems resulting from the disconnection of the power supply to the unit(s). The Company accepts that certain types of encrusting scale once formed, e.g., those with high concentrations of silicates, sulphates and phosphates, will not quickly be dissolved by the unit. In such cases, it is recommended that systems containing such encrusting scale should be chemically cleaned. Once cleaned the system should stay clear thereafter. The Hydropath unit(s) complies fully with EMC regulations. However, in the presence of a weak or attenuated signal, interference on radio equipment operating on the long wave band may be experienced.
Extended Warranty:
All Hydropath units are built to provide many years of reliable service.  For our clients who desire or require long-term service agreements or warranties, we are happy to provide extended warranty coverage as needed, for terms up to 10 years. Extended warranty coverage is available upon request after termination of the standard warranty period.  Ask your ECMI Representative about extended warranty pricing.


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