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Tips on Controlling & Managing Algae


Managing Algae in Pools, Ponds, Spas, & Cooling Towers
 Algae Control

The Battle Against Green Water

AquaKLEAR-P for managing algae

Managing and controlling algae can be a time consuming and tedious task, not to mention a costly effort.  Often it seems impossible to win the battle against these tiny little green (or sometimes other colored) creatures.  Ever wonder "where is all this algae coming from?".  The answer is literally "all around you".  Algae spores can become airborne, and often find there way into pools and various facility equipment by way of rainfall.  Once a colony is established, they can be quite difficult to get rid of.  Of course in a pond, you will want some algae to promote a healthy eco-system, however algae blooms, and scum covered ponds are not exactly what most people seek to achieve.

To successfully control and manage algae, one must keep it from either entering the system (nearly impossible), or kill the spores and keep it from reproducing in an uncontrolled manner.  We use this later method to help our clients.

ECMI helps clients manage algae in pools, spas, ponds, cooling towers, holding tanks, etc. by implementing Hydropath-P units on associated systems.  Some systems may need a minor amount of residual disinfection to help out the process, however this is typically done with trace amounts of chlorine (as little as .5 PPM in cooling towers).

It is interesting to note that AquaKLEAR with Hydropath Technology has been successfully used in quite large pond applications (even small lakes) containing life-sustaining ecosystems.  While water clarity is increased to the point that the pond bottom can often readily be seen, a healthy environment for the aquatic life is still maintained.  While algae blooms and harmful propagation of algae is controlled, the ecosystems appear to remain intact, and a normal amount of algae can continue to thrive on rocky surfaces and sub-structures.

It should also be noted that some species of fish which have advanced mechanisms to detect prey in murky water may show a reaction to the signal for a temporary period.  Gold fish, for one, seem to be affected by this, and have been noted to swim erratically for a while, but then later acclimate.  Koi, on the other hand, seem to thrive quite well with this technology, never showing any negative side effects, and (from reports we have received) tend to grow faster and larger.  More studies in this area are being conducted.

Koi dealers interested in conducting research regarding Hydropath Technology are encouraged to contact us.  We will be happy to work with you to integrate Hydropath into your Koi pond kits, Koi pond biological filter systems, and Koi pond design plans.

Note to Pond Owners:  We have found that the AquaKLEAR product works best in conjunction with sand or cartridge filters.  Bead media filters have not proven to be a good application in conjunction with AquaKLEAR, from the tests we have conducted thus far. Therefore we are not recommending using AquaKLEAR with bead media systems at this time.

In controlled loop systems such as cooling towers where algae is completely unwanted, harmful bio-matter can be completely eliminated by matching the AquaKLEAR units to the system, and by maintaining minimum flow specifications which exceed the propagation rate of the unwanted organisms, and using small amounts of residual disinfection.


  • Kills algae continuously as it circulates through the filtration system.

  • Will continue to control algae (filtration system needs to cycle the water faster than the algae can propagate)

  • Flocculates the algae to improve filtration and reduce backwashing headaches

  • Keeps pool sparkling clear

  • Can be matched to the system to help maintain a healthy ecosystem in ponds & fountains.

  • Will help control limescale & staining problems in the pool.

  • Keeps limescale from forming within the piping system or on chlorine generators.

  • Keeps equipment operating at peek efficiency.

  • Eliminates costs for chemicals to control algae and reduces scheduled cleaning cycles of facility equipment.

  • None of the down-sides associated with copper or heavy metal treatments.


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