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ECMI Water Treatment Solutions

Water Purification, Water Treatment, Water Conditioning, and Sediment Filtration Products

ECMI specializes in salt-free chemical-free water conditioning, water treatment and water purification systems.  We provide solutions for conditioning of hard water, disinfection, (bacteria & algae control), whole house water purification, and sediment filtration.

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Water Conditioning & Limescale Control

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Flow-Tech Anti-Scale Systems
Hydropath Domestic Series
Hydropath Domestic Series Scale Inhibitors & Water Conditioning Solutions
Hydropath Commercial Series 
Hydropath Industrial/Commercial Scale Inhibitors & Water Conditioning Solutions:
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Water Purification - POE (Point of Entry) Systems

Water Purification - POU (Point of Use) Systems

Filtration Systems


We recommend Plumber's Choice for all your Water Purifacation and Filtration needs

** Savastat is a trademark of Fuel Economy Limited (UK)
*** HydroFLOW, AquaKLEAR, SpaKLEAR, AgriFLOW and SteamKLEAR are Trademarks of Hydropath Holdings (UK)
+ "Load Compensation" is a descriptive term used to describe Savastat LC principles of operation
++ "Physical Water Treatment" (PWT) or "Physical Water Conditioner" are terms used in the water industry for non-chemical water treatment or conditioning
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Note: Savastat SC Series units are Hydropath (UK) products, privately labeled for our use.


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