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Tips on Controlling & Managing Bacteria


Managing and Controlling Bacteria In Pools, Spas, Cooling Towers, and Related Facility Systems

AquaKLEAR helps manage and control bacteria in pools, spas, ponds, cooling towers, holding tanks, and associated facility systems.

AquaKLEAR-P controls bacteria in swimming pools

AquaKLEAR has been proven to help control bacteria in both field and laboratory testing.  While claims to kill specific strains of bacteria must be backed by research and lab testing against each strain, some common forms of bacteria have been tested against with AquaKLEAR, and received very good results. (a 3-log reduction, or 99.9% kill has been proven) We will continue to test against various forms of bacteria to determine what areas AquaKLEAR with Hydropath Technology can be effective, and cases where it may not be as effective.  Currently ECMI is working with a US University to determine effectiveness in food processing applications as well.  Preliminary results have been very encouraging.

Our AquaKLEAR units are not being promoted as a primary disinfection system.  Primary disinfection must be maintained along with any supplemental disinfection systems to prevent the possibility of cross-infection.  Cross-infection  can occur when bacteria is introduced into a pool prior to being treated by the supplemental disinfection system.  Be wary of any vendors who claim that their system will eliminate the need for primary disinfection!

The following link provides more information on Recreational Water Illnesses.

Further research is being conducted to determine what strains of bacteria that AquaKLEAR is effective with.  Pool and spa owners should note that in field case studies on operating pool systems, bacteria levels have been significantly reduced or even eliminated with no explanation other than the implementation of the AquaKLEAR unit.  Results against all tested forms of bacteria have been very impressive.

Note that ALL supplementary disinfection systems are dependant upon existing pump and filtration equipment to do their job.  In any case, an inadequate primary disinfection systems, or improperly specified filtration systems, will not be able to achieve a 100% kill of biological contaminants.  The rule of thumb is, the faster the rate of water turn-over, the better the results that are achievable.


  • Has been observed to Kill various types of bacteria.

  • Continues to control bacteria if the associated system cycles the water at a faster rate than various forms of bacteria can propagate.

  • Continues to control algae and other microbes.

  • Flocculates microbes for easy capture by standard filtration methods.

  • Will remove limescale from the piping system.

  • Continues to keep limescale from forming within the system.

  • Keeps heating equipment operating at peek efficiency.

  • Reduces costs for chemicals to control bacteria and reduces scheduled cleaning cycles of facility equipment.

  • Improves functionality of UV equipment by keeping the quartz lens clear of limescale



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