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ECMI Research & Development Offers

Note to Organizational and University Research and Development Departments:

We realize that Flow-Tech Technology has potential applications far beyond the areas for which we currently market these products.  If your organization is involved in proprietary processes or manufacturing systems which may receive benefit from implementation of our Flow-Tech units, we would like to encourage you to evaluate how Flow-Tech may be able to improve upon your current operations or processes.  We will work closely with you to help conduct feasibility studies, set up test and evaluation studies, or implement full-scale operational analysis of our equipment.

To help encourage research and development into these areas, we are happy to offer this special opportunity to evaluate our equipment with no risk to your organization.  If, through research conducted, your organization determines that our equipment will not work effectively with your specific process operations, we will provide an RMA and a full refund for any equipment your organization has purchased from us, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

We feel that it is important for organizations to know that they will not be stuck with equipment that will not work for their specific applications.  By providing this special R&D offer, we also feel that many organizations will better be able to determine if they can benefit from our unique Flow-Tech Technology, and have the opportunity to see first hand if it will in fact be beneficial to implement these systems in your organization.

Call us to see how we may be able to work with your organization involving research and development of new systems utilizing the potential capabilities of our Flow-Tech units.


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