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ECMI offers only the best energy efficiency and water quality products available!


ECMI Energy Efficiency & Water Quality Solutions and Product Lines

ECMI offers solutions to a wide variety of energy efficiency and water quality issues and problems facing Facility Managers and homeowners.  We don't just sell our products.  ECMI and our Associates work together with our clients  to:

  • Implement effective methods to reduce energy consumption

  • Implement effective methods to improve boiler efficiency and eliminate short-cycling

  • Implement methods to control lime scale

  • Implement methods to improve water quality

  • Implement methods to treat swimming pool, spa, fountain, and pond water systems

  • Implement methods to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions

  • Implement methods to track and prove savings and increased efficiencies (See Savastat Case Studies)

To determine how we can help your organization, please select from the following major group topics:

Flow-Tech Flow-Tech Water Treatment System
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Water Treatment Equipment-Water Conditioners-Scale Inhibitors

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Energy Efficient Boiler Controls


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Energy Efficient DHW Controls


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Savastat vs. Freddie
Are the costs of rising fuel prices causing concern for your organization?

Is your gas meter "giving you nightmares"?
Your organization CAN reduce fuel costs, and WE CAN HELP!

Gas Meter

Savastat LC & Savastat DHW are GUARANTEED
to reduce annual fuel consumption by a minimum 15%
or provide an ROI of 24 months OR LESS!

Savastat SC will significantly improve boiler and heat exchange efficiencies
by keeping your systems free of costly lime scale.

Product trials are available in select areas.  Review our Promotion Programs for additional information.
Call today to put our technologies to the test!


** Savastat is a trademark of Fuel Economy Limited (UK)
*** HydroFLOW, AquaKLEAR, SpaKLEAR, AgriFLOW and SteamKLEAR are Trademarks of Hydropath Holdings (UK)
+ "Load Compensation" is a descriptive term used to describe Savastat LC principles of operation
++ "Physical Water Treatment" (PWT) or "Physical Water Conditioner" are terms used in the water industry for non-chemical water treatment or conditioning
All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners.
Note: Savastat SC Series units are Hydropath (UK) products, privately labeled for our use.


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