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Limescale Control
for Home Applications
Max Pipe OD
up to 1.25"

HydroFLOW HS-38 Electronic Scale Inhibitor

HydroFLOW Model HS-38
Electronic Scale Inhibitor - Physical Water Treatment Units

(Domestic Units for Household/Small Commercial Scale Control Applications)
Half the cost of a typical home water softener, with no maintenance hassles, waste, or ongoing costs for chemicals. 
Control lime scale problems the easy way!
Kiss your water softener and lime scale problems goodbye forever!

Are you suffering from lime scale problems?
Want an alternative to salt-based water softeners that REALLY WORKS?
HydroFLOW is the solution! 

Now homeowners can receive the same scale control benefits that our commercial & industrial clients enjoy!

Note: If you are looking for Whole-House Water Purification (for sediment, odor, taste, disinfection, & scale control) see our POE or POU Systems which are bundled to include Hydropath HydroFLOW Technology. 
For iron, manganese, and sulphur removal, see our Oxy Vantage Systems.

Clip it on, plug it in, switch on - that's it.  Say goodbye to lime-scale choked pipes, scaled up shower heads,  appliances, domestic boiler scaling, and related water system problems due to hard water.

HydroFLOW is the most advanced limescale inhibitor on the market today. Nothing else compares to the advanced internationally PATENTED technology of our HydroFLOW units!  Leave the "magical" magnets to what they do best. (Like sticking things on the refrigerator!)

Calcium, the major element typically causing scaling problems, is not bad for you.  In fact, it is good for you, and makes water taste better. It just usually causes problems in plumbing systems by causing scaling.  Why remove calcium with a water softener and exchange it for salt, which can be unhealthy, (and is considered non-potable as well) when solving the problem is a much better solution?

The HS-38 SOLVES LIME SCALE PROBLEMS without exchanging calcium for salt!

The HS-38 unit will fit pipe sizes up to 1 1/4" O.D. and no additional plumbing is required.
The activity light (this is not a power indicator. The LED is driven by signal feedback.) shows the unit is protecting your system twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  No maintenance is required, and no chemicals are involved with the treatment process.  Managing lime scale couldn't be easier, or more cost effective than with our HS-38!

We Guarantee that our HS-38 unit will successfully control your lime scale problems.  In fact, the harder your water, the better the unit works to de-scale your system!

With a power draw under 100 mA, running costs are less than a night-light, and the unit soon pays for itself by reduced maintenance costs and fuel savings from increased heat transfer efficiency.

The HS-38 unit comes with our standard 3-year Limited Product Warranty and our exclusive "fit for purpose guarantee". (All HydroFLOW products come with our "fit for purpose guarantee". (See our product guarantee for full details)


HydroFLOW HS-38 Installs in 5 easy steps!

Install mounting clip to pipe

Clip top piece of unit on mount

Carefully Clip on bottom piece

Remove the pin to release the ferrite ring

Plug the unit into a power source

Install mount clip

Clip on top

Clip on bottom

Remove pin

Plug it in

Installation Tips:

  • HydroFLOW WILL NOT eliminate the need to clean sediment deposits in showers, toilets, etc.  If you are having problems with suspended particles, you will need to filter as well, however, these types of deposits are typically much easier to remove with HydroFLOW treating the water.

  • A dust-like residue may be left behind in situations where the water evaporates, such as in automatic dishwashers. In areas with very hard water (TDS>200ppm), you may need to install filtration as well.  Filtration typically can reduce or eliminate this, if you consider it problematic.  (~20 micron works well)  See our filtration solutions for help with this.

  • If you have a very large home (>4000 sq. ft. or more than 3 bathrooms), it is best to upgrade to a S-38 unit, which has nearly double the power output, and is only slightly more expensive than the HS-38.

  • Do not fit the unit on the supply feed into a cold water storage tank, or directly on a hot water heater. The signal will be lost with little or no benefit.  The best location is typically near the water meter or main feed.

  • Fit the unit downstream of any booster sets or pumps.

  • If fitting to pipes that will get hotter than 120 o F you must use a non metallic insulation to protect the unit.

  • If the activity light does not glow brightly, the unit is most likely in a loop. Take corrective action.

  • See special information for installation guidelines regarding Well Water Systems.



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