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Using HydroFLOW with Well Water Systems


Insuring a proper Hydropath Installation with Well Water Systems

HydroFLOW is a physical water conditioner which eliminates the problems associated with hard scale formation in plumbing systems.  Proper specification of the units for specific applications is insured simply by sizing the unit correctly to the feed system.  Some applications may benefit by over-sizing the units, (for example a system with many branches, or linear piping which exceeds the quarter-wave length of 410 yards) however in general, specification has been inherently incorporated into the unit design. By correctly sizing the unit to the feed water pipe size, power output and signal dynamics is a part of the inherent design specification. Therefore, flow rate for a given pipe size is not a concern.  The concern is primarily with installation location.

With a Hydropath unit being properly installed, success is assured.

What elements of a well water system are of concern?

Well water systems can be a little more tricky to insure a successful application if your well water system includes a holding tank or filter, (large holding tanks are more problematic than small ones) it may be necessary to implement a work-around to insure that the signal passes the tank or filter.  For HydroFLOW to properly treat a system, we want to make sure the signal propagates throughout the entire system. This includes both when the unit is installed upstream or downstream of the tank itself, however more importantly if the unit is to be installed upstream of the tank.  In the case of the HydroFLOW unit being placed just upstream of a tank, most of the signal can be lost without any benefit if the following procedure is not implemented.  First, try to avoid the situation of installing the unit upstream of the tank. If this is not possible, then use the procedure below.

On occasion, mostly for commercial applications, we would recommend installing units both upstream and downstream of large tanks to insure a strong signal throughout the system, however we have found this work-around to work for most smaller domestic applications.

The work-around to accomplish this is typically quite simple.  This involves retrofitting a wire from the inlet fitting to the outlet fitting on the holding tank or filter. 

Note: If the piping and fittings are non-metallic, then metallic fittings should be used to provide an electrical path for the signal to follow. 

Below is a diagram showing the retrofit:

The wire used need only be a 16 gauge insulated wire, as very little current actually flows through it.  We are simply providing a path for the signal to follow.  We have used a similar work-around for equipment such as ice machines, which often have a non-metallic control valve which can prevent signal from reaching the cooling grid.

If you are experiencing problems with your HydroFLOW installation on a well water system having a holding tank, please implement this solution.

Also, please allow us to provide advice and assistance for proper installation in any case.  This may involve sending us photographs of the installation, and having close communication with us to ensure a successful application.


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