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HydroFLOW HS-40
for Domestic Applications
with Max. Pipe OD
up to 2.45"

HydroFLOW Model HS-40

HydroFLOW Model HS-40
Electronic Scale Inhibitor - Physical Water Treatment Units

(Domestic Units for Household/Small Commercial Scale Control Applications for pipe O.D. sizes up to 2.48" )

Kiss your water softener and lime scale problems goodbye forever!

Big brother to the HydroFLOW HS-38, our HS-40 unit will fit pipe sizes up to  2.48" O.D. for larger domestic applications, and no additional plumbing or modifications are required.  The activity light shows the unit is protecting your system twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  No maintenance is required, and no chemicals are involved with the treatment process.

Note: If you are looking for Whole-House Water Purification (for sediment, odor, taste, disinfection, & scale control) see our new POE or POU Systems which are bundled to include Hydropath HydroFLOW Technology. 
For iron, manganese, and sulphur removal, see our Oxy Vantage Systems.

The HS-40 is guaranteed to successfully control lime scale problems.  In fact, the harder your water, the better the unit works to descale your system!  Kiss your water softener and bags of salt goodbye forever!

With a power draw under 100 mA, running costs are less than a night-light, and the unit soon pays for itself by reduced maintenance costs and fuel savings from increased heat transfer efficiency.

The HS-40 unit comes with our standard 3-year Limited Product Warranty and our exclusive "fit for purpose guarantee". (All HydroFLOW products come with our "fit for purpose guarantee". See the "guarantee" page for full details)


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