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Reducing Energy Consumption


Reducing Energy Consumption

ECMI helps clients reduce energy consumption by:

  1. Evaluating the client's specific needs.

  2. Evaluating the client's priorities and goals to determine which problems have top priority.

  3. Determining which solutions that we offer would be compatible with existing systems.

  4. Determine which solutions will give the quickest return on investment.

  5. Develop and implement an energy saving strategy.

  6. Evaluate performance of implementation to insure success.

  • Savastat LC is compatible with low pressure hot water heat loop system boilers, and will provide a guaranteed 15% reduction in energy consumption
  • Savastat HW is compatible with most any direct-fired hot water heating systems, and will also provide a minimum guaranteed 15% reduction in energy consumption.
  • Stack Draft Regulator is compatible with most any boiler, furnace, hot water heater, or industrial equipment with a burner and a stack!  If the appliance has a stack, chances are the Stack Draft Regulator will save you money!  Best of all, we can actually provide the SDR units at no up-front cost if your organization qualifies for our Shared Savings Program!

Hydropath products will help reduce energy consumption by insuring that equipment operates at maximum heat exchange efficiency. HydroFLOW will, in most cases, completely clean and remove limescale, and keep future limescale from forming.  HydroFLOW units have been specifically designed for various applications.  Improving heat transfer efficiency can have a significant impact on energy efficiency.  We often see efficiency increases of 40% or more, simply by eliminating corrosion and limescale problems from within facility systems.


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