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Reducing Emissions


Reduce Emissions - Less Energy Usage Means Less Harmful Byproducts

ECMI helps clients reduce emissions by implementing methods to reduce energy consumption.  A reduction in energy consumption directly relates to reducing emissions.  Less consumption of fuel means less emissions going up the stack.

  • Savastat LC is compatible with low pressure hot water heat loop system boilers, and will provide a guaranteed 15% reduction in energy consumption and emissions.
  • Savastat HW is compatible with most any direct-fired hot water heating systems, and will also provide a minimum guaranteed 15% reduction in energy consumption and emissions.
  • Stack Draft Regulator is compatible with 85% of all boilers, water heaters, kilns, etc. requiring a stack system. Eliminating excess stack draft can significantly improve appliance performance, reduce consumption, and lower emissions.

Hydropath Technology will reduce energy consumption and emissions by keeping equipment operating at maximum efficiency. Hydropath will completely clean and remove limescale, and will controlling future limescale from forming.  Hydropath units have been specifically designed for various applications. 

  • HydroFLOW - C Series For main feed water systems in industrial and large commercial applications.
  • SteamKLEAR - S Series For commercial and industrial steam boiler and steam generator systems.
  • AquaKLEAR - P Series For chiller systems, cooling tower systems, swimming pools, spas, fountains, ponds, sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, humidification system, process systems, and more.
  • Hydropath Domestic Series Affordable units for smaller commercial and domestic applications.


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