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Improving Chiller Efficiency

Hydropath Technology improves chiller efficiency by controling limescale and descaling systems

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Cooling tower and chiller efficiencies are typically based on the unit design and given standardized rating values, however this is always based upon when the chiller is operating completely clean of lime scale.  Optimizing chiller efficiency is important, because often the chiller is the largest energy consumer in a building.  Open systems typically are used for condenser-water systems connected to the chiller condenser. Condenser systems that use sources such as cooling towers require continuous chemical water treatment. ECMI can help managers by providing a chemical-free treatment solution, and also will work with their vendors familiar with local water supplies and who provide full-service maintenance for their facility water systems.

One of the best steps to improve chiller efficiency is to have a clean system, free of lime scale and corrosion.  Even a small amount of scale greatly decreases chiller efficiency!

ECMI helps improve chiller efficiency by implementing Hydropath equipment on chiller and cooling tower systems.  Hydropath units will improve chiller heat exchange efficiency by eliminating efficiency loss due to limescale build-up in the system, which can occur quite quickly even in treated systems.  Heat exchanger efficiency in chillers and condensers can be drastically reduced by limescale build-up, and be very costly in the long-run when you look at how much increased energy has to be put in to get the same amount of cooling capacity out.

HydroFLOW solves this problem


  • Will remove limescale from inside the chiller and piping systems.

  • Continues to keep scale from forming within the entire system.

  • Keeps chillers operating at peek efficiency.

  • Reduces or eliminates costs for chemicals and scheduled chiller system cleaning.



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