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Controlling Lime Scale - Electronic Scale Inhibitor - Water Conditioner

Actual HydroFLOW (Hydropath C- Series) Case Study

limescale clogged heat exchanger

Heat exchanger after installation of Hydropath


After 3 months

Controlling lime scale is what our HydroFLOW units are best known for.  No other technologies can compare to the benefits provided by our HydroFLOW units.  Being completely chemical free and maintenance free, it is the most cost effective solution available on the market today.  HydroFLOW can control lime scale in piping systems as large as 78"!

Before HydroFLOW entered the market, water technology experts felt that the only way to effectively deal with controlling lime scale was to eliminate the offending minerals from the water by using various methods of removal.  This was most often dealt with by Reverse Osmosis, Ion Exchange, or methods of distilling water.  All of these technologies have inherent drawbacks typically associated with cost, maintenance, and volume capacities.

HydroFLOW eliminates the problems associated with lime scale without the need to remove the chemicals themselves responsible for encrusting lime scale formation.  HydroFLOW precipitates the problematic chemicals out of solution to levels below supersaturation points, and creates an effect where the normally encrusting lime scale forms in suspension as seed crystals (particles 10 microns to 50 microns) which can be easily filtered if necessary, or in the case of flow-through systems, just go out with the discharge water flow. Thus encrusting lime scale formation can be completely eliminated within an entire facility.

ECMI helps our clients control lime scale by implementing HydroFLOW on various facility systems. 


  • Is a chemical-free water treatment solution.

  • Is a maintenance free water treatment solution.

  • Will control and typically remove lime scale from facility systems. (see "descale")

  • Continues to control lime scale and keep lime scale from forming within facility systems.

  • Keeps equipment operating at peek heat transfer efficiency.

  • Eliminates or reduces costs associated with chemicals used for water treatment and lime scale cleaning.

  • Reduces scheduled cleaning cycles of facility equipment.

Whether your application is large or small, ECMI has a scale control solution for your needs.

HydroFLOW HS-38 electronic descaler - scale inhibitor HydroFLOW HS-40 electronic water conditioner HydroFLOW C Series - electronic scale inhibitor descaler


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