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Tips on improving water heating efficiency


Improving Water Heating Efficiency in Hot Water Heaters

Savastat DHW for improving hot water heater efficeincy

Hydropath Technology improves heat transfer efficiency

Improving efficiency in hot water heaters can save a tremendous amount of energy, and resulting energy costs. Efficiency in hot water heaters can be improved by controlling the firing patterns of the hot water heater, by eliminating limescale buildup within the system, and by better insulating the hot water heater.

ECMI helps our clients improve water heating efficiency two ways. 

  1. By implementing Savastat HW on compatible hot water heaters to gain better operating efficiencies.

  2. By Implementing Hydropath Technology to eliminate limescale form the system, which keeps the water heaters operating at peak heat exchange efficiency.

  3. By implementing the Stack Draft Regulator System to eliminate stack draft

Hot water heater operating efficiency is a much different topic than it's heat-exchange efficiency.  Hot water heaters are typically rated on their heat exchange capability, which has little to do with how it reacts to various factors of hot water demand on the system.  Savastat HW implements a method to program expected demand periods into the controller, as well as a method to intelligently bring the system up to full temperature when a demand is detected during the off-demand periods.  This enables the hot water heater to always maintain a minimum safe operating temperature while also allowing for maximum energy savings when possible during off-demand periods.

Savastat HW:

  • Is compatible with most gas and electric water heaters
  • Eliminates short cycling
  • Will extend the equipment's lifecycle
  • Is easily installed with little down-time
  • Will provide a guaranteed 15% energy savings or 24 month or less ROI


  • Will remove limescale from inside the water heater and piping system.
  • Continues to keep limescale from forming within the system.
  • Keeps the hot water heater operating at peek efficiency.
  • Eliminates costs for chemicals and scheduled cleaning of the unit.

Stack Draft Regulator:

  • Brings appliance efficiency back near to the manufacturer's specifications

  • Eliminates heat losses due to negative drafting sucking the heat right out of the system

  • Provides a better flame pattern across the heat exchanger and eliminates "rope flame"

  • Cleaner burns means less soot and lower O2 readings in the stack

  • More efficient burns also means less fuel going up the stack

  • Keeps more heat in the system thus reducing burn cycles and burn frequency

  • Works with most any appliance with a flame and a stack!

  • VERY Significant savings when multiple appliances feed into a common stack!

Contact us to see how we can work with your organization to help improve water heating efficiencies in your facilities.


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