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Savastat LC & Savastat DHW:

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Savastat LC and DHW Controllers are built to last many years and Guaranteed to reduce annual energy consumption by a minimum of 15% or give a ROI of 24 months or less.

Warranty and Guarantee

Any Savastat LC or DHW product failure resulting from faulty workmanship or components occurring within 24 months from the date of invoice will be repaired or replace without charge.

Any Savastat product having been installed and applied correctly in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and instructions which does not achieve the less of (a) or (b) may be removed by agreement with ECMI, and the product’s purchase price will be refunded.
a) A reduction in fuel consumption of 15% per year within the warranty period of 24 months.
b) A reduction in fuel consumption sufficient to recover the cost of the product within the warranty period of 24 months.

Extended Warranty:

All Savastat LC & HW units are built to provide many years of reliable service.  For our clients who desire or require long-term service agreements or warranties, we are happy to provide extended warranty coverage as needed, for terms up to 10 years. Extended warranty coverage is available upon request after termination of the standard warranty period.  Ask your Savastat Representative for pricing.


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