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Tips on improving water clarity


Improve Water Clarity - Eliminate Cloudy Water with AquaKLEAR

We invite Commercial and Government clients to try our AquaKLEAR "P" unit on your pool for 30 days RISK FREE BEFORE WE INVOICE.  After 30 days, simply pay for the unit, or return it to us.  We are confident that you will want to keep the P unit protecting your pool!


AquaKlear P Series improves water clarity in commercial pool applications

Are you suffering from cloudy pool water, cloudy pond water, or Cloudy Spa Water

If the filtration system is working correctly, then cloudy or murky water is most often caused by suspended particles or bio-matter caused by natural processes occurring in the water which are too fine for the filtration system to remove.  Silt, clay, and fine biomatter can be very difficult to deal with in most cases because the particles are so small, and difficult to filter without use of expensive ultra-filtration equipment or use of expensive chemical flocculants.  Many other issues may be involved, which can cause cloudy pool water.  Keep in mind that cloudy pool water should be considered a "symptom" and to treat the symptom, one must consider the source of the problem.
Refer to the links on the bottom of this page for additional information.

Hydropath Technology improves water clarity in swimming pools

AquaKLEAR is the answer!

  • Would you like your pond, fountain, swimming pool, or spa water to have sparkling clear and clean water?

  • Does your pool or pond look cloudy or muddy?

  • Is your pond or fountain a constant maintenance problem?

  • Does algae seem to be in control or your pool, pond or fountain?

AquaKLEAR  is the solution to maintaining beautiful clear water free of algae, silt, cloudiness, or mud by promoting flocculation without the use of expensive chemicals.  When particles are flocculated, they can be easily removed by traditional filtration equipment.

Ever wonder what is on the bottom of your pond?  With the help of AquaKLEAR, you WILL find out!  In fact one of our clients once "complained" that "Now I have to clean all the cans and debris off the bottom of my pond, because the water is so clear!"  (We don't think he was really upset...)

ECMI helps clients improve water clarity by implementing AquaKLEAR-P on facility swimming pools, spas, fountains, ponds, cooling towers, and various circulatory systems.  Units are available for systems of any size.  AquaKLEAR will typically clear a pool in only one day!


  • Will provide crystal clear water, free from cloudy chlorine or chemical fogging.
  • Clears muddy or stained water in ponds and fountains without using expensive flocculants.
  • Disinfects - Helps Control algae and Bacteria (AquaKLEAR is a superior solution to UV or Ozone!)
  • Prevents lime, mineral, and algae staining on treated systems.
  • Will remove limescale from inside the system.
  • Continues to keep limescale from forming within the system.
  • Keeps equipment operating at peek efficiency.
  • Reduces costs associated with chemicals.
  • Reduces scheduled back-wash time and cycles on filter equipment.

Additional Information

For large pools or commercial pools, see AquaKLEAR - P Series

For smaller domestic pools, see AquaKLEAR J-62

For smaller domestic spas, see SpaKLEAR W-63

Here is a good link covering many of the problems which can cause cloudy pool water. Because AquaKLEAR relies on your filtration system to be effective, it is a good idea to review these tips to insure that your system is working correctly before considering installation of a AquaKLEAR unit.  AquaKLEAR is able to help with the underlying issues dealing with water chemistry problems, algae, bacteria, flocculation, and backwashing.


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