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SpaKLEAR Model W-63 electronic water conditioner for pools, ponds, & fountains


Electronic Physical Water Treatment Units - Multi-Conditioning

(Domestic Units Specifically for Spas, Whirlpools, Jacuzzis and Hot Tubs)

Enjoy Crystal Clear Spa Water Without That Chlorine Smell!

Provides the same benefits as our larger commercial units at affordable pricing for consumers.

Designed specifically for Spas, Whirlpools & Jacuzzis, the W-63 will provide domestic users with the same benefits that our larger commercial "P" units provide for our commercial spa clients.

You will be amazed at the quick results these units provide.  Back-wash time is reduced significantly, and chemical use such as chlorine can be reduced typically by 2/3rds to achieve the same free-chlorine levels.  Back-wash cycles can typically be extended by 4x.  Bacterial levels are typically reduced to nearly nothing, and algae growth and biofouling can be completely eliminated.  Chemical staining and scum around the sides of the spa is drastically reduced or eliminated.

  • Disinfects - Typically a 3-log reduction of bacteria (99.9% kill)
  • Controls & Kills algae
  • Flocculates suspended particles without use of chemicals
  • Keeps spa crystal clear
  • Significantly reduces backwash time
  • Increases duration between backwashing
  • Controls limescale buildup
  • Breaks down chloramines to release free chlorine
  • Reduces chemical usage
  • Reduces heating costs (less backwashing means less make-up water to reheat)

    The W-63 unit fits pipe sizes up to 2 1/4" O.D., and no plumbing changes are required.  The activity light shows the unit is protecting your system twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  No maintenance is required, and no chemicals are involved with treatment.   Domestic units are not designed for outdoor use or where weather or hostile conditions are a significant factor.

    With a power draw under 200 mA, operating costs are minimal, and the unit soon pays for itself by chemical savings from the increased flocculation efficiency and promotion of free chlorine.  Unit significantly extends duration between back-wash periods, and combats algae and bacteria growth as well.

    The W-63 unit comes with our standard 3-year Limited Product Warranty and our exclusive "fit for purpose guarantee". (all Hydropath products come with our "fit for purpose guarantee". See the "guarantee" page for full details)


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