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ECMI is looking for Representatives!

Manufacturer Sales Representatives Wanted

ECMI Sales Representative Opportunities are Available!

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Interested in becoming a ECMI Representative? Keep reading!

ECMI Technical Sales Rep Opportunities are available in locations across the USA

ECMI is currently offering career opportunities to join ECMI as qualified Independent Representatives in  various US locations.  Areas are quickly being saturated, so the time to get in is now.

We have an immediate need for REPS in the following states: CO, NY, PA, TX

We want to establish new dealers in the following states: AR, AZ, HI, ID, KS, MA, MD, MN, MO, MT, ND, NJ, NM, OK, RI, SD, VA, WA, WY

Other areas are still available as well!  Call us for additional info.


It is beneficial for prospective candidates to rep products for related equipment, and have a basic knowledge of building & facility systems.  A background in energy efficiency/water treatment consulting or commercial sales is preferred.  Self-motivation and teamwork are essential qualities.  Having a pre-established client base in commercial/industrial sales is VERY HELPFUL. Starting from the ground floor and establishing a completely new client-base in this type of business can be painfully slow.  We do not recommend individuals who would depend on their sole income and having no established clients to consider coming on as a ECMI Representative, for this reason.


ECMI field representatives are required to meet the experience guidelines specified above, and must be willing to commit to acquiring the necessary tools to conduct business in a professional manner.  ECMI has developed a "Field Representative Tool Kit", which provides the necessary equipment to properly represent our products, and to conduct site surveys and feasibility studies for our potential clients.  Potential representatives must be willing to acquire these tools either through us, or independently.  We purchase the necessary tools in quantity, and are able to offer this tool kit at discounted pricing. (We are not in business to make a profit from equipment sales to our representatives.)


ECMI will provide training for all ECMI Authorized Representatives at no charge to the representative or dealer.  It is the representatives responsibility to attend official training sessions as scheduled. Travel expenses are not provided by ECMI in any case.  Training is scheduled on a per-case basis as needed, and conducted at a location convenient to both parties.  Prospective representatives should be willing to participate in various training programs offered by ECMI throughout the year.  Proficiency Testing may be required of representatives to insure sufficient knowledge has been achieved to conduct business in behalf of ECMI and our product suppliers.  Certifications of Proficiency and Achievement Awards for various categories may be issued to our Authorized Representatives at the sole discretion of ECMI.


  1. All ECMI representatives are established as commissioned independent agents acting in behalf of ECMI and our product suppliers.

  2. No ECMI representatives are direct employees of ECMI. 

  3. ECMI does not offer salaried sales positions at this time. 

  4. All prospective individuals are required to fill out and submit completed non-disclosure agreements before we will discuss the details of our program or product pricing. 

  5. A non-compete agreement must be filled out and submitted to us before we will authorize a representative to act in our behalf.


Income potential is limited only by your resourcefulness and desire to succeed.  Healthy commissions and incentives are just a part of  being a ECMI Team Member.

As an Authorized ECMI Representative, you can be proud to offer your clients UNIQUE solutions for the many problems they face.  All of our products are proven technologies which can literally sell themselves, however commercial sales does require some groundwork, and time to establish relationships.

Our Sales Representative program is designed to encourage our Authorized Representatives to move up to eventually becoming Dealers.  Many additional benefits are gained by becoming a ECMI Dealer.


If you would like more information about becoming a member of our Team, email your personal information to and we will determine if you may qualify to become a part of our team.  We look forward to hearing from you, and you can rest assured that we will hold all personal information supplied to us in complete confidence.


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