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SteamKLEAR eliminates limescale in small steam appliances

Also refer to our Limescale Service Contracts for financing alternatives.

HydroFLOW Model S-38 electronic scale inhibitor

Hydropath SteamKLEAR Model S-38
Electronic Physical Water Treatment Units - Lime Scale Inhibitor for Small Steam Appliances
(Domestic/Light Commercial Grade Units for small Steam Applications)

Say goodbye to your expensive scale-cleaning maintenance contracts on your small steam appliances!

The S-38 is specifically designed for small steam appliance applications.

Steam appliances are a particular problem when dealing with scale control solutions.  It is a much more harsh environment than typical water conditioning, and special attention was needed to develop a unit to deal with this problem.

The advanced technology of our S-38 unit SOLVES THIS PROBLEM.

The S-38 is ideal for restaurants, hospitals, labs, and small industrial equipment such as gas-fired humidifiers, restaurant steamers, distillery equipment, etc.  This unit can eliminate recurring maintenance costs and contracts associated with descaling small steam equipment.  The unit provides a very fast pay-off in comparison to maintenance contracts or cleaning costs associated with expensive chemicals and the cost to dispose of them properly.  The unit draws less than 150mA of power.  The S-38 is for use on pipe sizes up to 1 1/4" OD. and installs easily with no plumbing required.

The S-38 unit comes with our standard 3-year Limited Product Warranty and our exclusive "fit for purpose guarantee". (all SteamKLEAR products come with our "fit for purpose guarantee". See the "guarantee" page for full details)


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