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Reducing Maintenance


Reduce Maintenance Cycle Frequency

AquaKLEAR helps our clients reduce maintenance cycle frequency in pools, spas, and related equipment due to a direct result of the improved flocculation effect the unit provides.  Because the filtered particles form floc, they stay closer to the top of the filter.  In doing so, the particles do not impede the flow of water through the filter because they form as spherical mass, which allows the water to flow freely past.

Typically, back-wash cycles can be extended to four weeks or more.  We suggest performing backwashes at this point, before the floc can disassociate and break down once again.  Automatic backwashing equipment should be operated on a time schedule rather than by pressure sensors, else the system may not backwash for months.

The savings due to decreased backwash cycles can be quite significant:

  • Less water is consumed and sent to the drain
  • Less water needs to be reheated
  • Less water needs to be chemically treated
  • Less labor time is involved in maintaining the equipment

With all these factors in mind, it can be evidenced that maintenance cost can directly be reduced by up to 2/3rds of the amount typically spent on maintaining this type of equipment.


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