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A question that we get from time to time regarding our Hydropath products:

"If your Hydropath water treatment products are so good, and always work as claimed, then why doesn't my "water technology professional consultant" recommend it for our application?

We've been asking ourselves the same question! 

What we would like to think is that perhaps many professionals simply have not yet heard about us, have had poor results with "similar technologies" or perhaps it is the "fear of the unknown".  We would like to encourage water professionals to find out more about our products to help them find solutions for their clients, and learn about what makes our products completely unique in the field of Physical Water Treatment.

What we are doing about it:

At first, when we began offering our Hydropath to the USA market, we thought that the slow response from the water treatment industry was simply because many, if not most, water technology professionals simply did not yet know about our Hydropath products.  Our thinking is we would help water professionals become familiar with the Hydropath product by offering them free trials so that they could see first hand how well our units work, and so they could be confident in recommending and specifying these products for their clients.  We continue to do this by offering free product trials within the industry. 

Call to Professionals:

If you are also a Water Technology Professional or operate a water treatment related company, and you would like to see what Hydropath can do for you and your clients, we offer an open invitation to conduct a trial with our equipment.  Call us so we can arrange to conduct a Hydropath Challenge at a site of your choosing.

More details about our Hydropath Challenge Program.

NEW! -Our product trial program is now even better!

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