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Spot Free Water Conditioning for the Carwash Industry


Spot-Free Water Conditioning for the Carwash Industry

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AquaKLEAR spot free water condictioning for the Carwash Industry

A lot of "buzz" is surrounding "new technologies" for the car wash industry these days, but upon closer look what you will find is simply a combination of traditional RO (Reverse Osmosis) technologies teamed with water softeners and filters, and sold as a package deal nicely labeled as a Spot-Free System.

What makes this so new?  Not much except that RO technologies are getting a little better at not sending as much water down the drain as waste.
What is the downside?
  The newer technologies cost more, both to purchase and maintain.  RO membranes (sort of like filter cartridges) are very expensive, and can not tolerate chlorine.  This means that a charcoal filter must be used to remove the chlorine before sending the water to the RO unit if public water supply is used.  What you end up with is more cost and more maintenance.

What to do?  We offer a very simple solution.  Implement a AquaKLEAR system in conjunction with a standard 50 micron filter, and what you get is a better result than any of the current "Spot-Free" systems being offered.
Why so?
 RO water is very aggressive, and can cause a significant increase in maintenance for equipment due to corrosion.  The AquaKLEAR system will eliminate corrosion, and the need for chemicals to deal with it. Some of the other benefits are listed below.


  • Can well be considered the best Spot-Free System Available on the market today when implemented with a standard filter.

  • Gives much the same benefits associated with soft water. (Less detergent usage, etc.)

  • Eliminates corrosion in piping systems.

  • Eliminates and removes limescale

  • Is completely maintenance free.

  • Operates with very low power consumption.

  • Can be installed in minutes.

  • Is designed for hostile environments. (commercial units are hermetically sealed for long life)

  • Pays for itself very rapidly.



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