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How HydroFLOW prevents corrosion


How Does HydroFLOW Prevent Corrosion?

HydroFLOW may well be the most cost-effective solution to eliminating corrosion in various piping systems.

So how does Hydropath Technology work?

In the diagrams above, on the left we show a HydroFLOW Unit (in this case representing a HS-38) mounted on a pipe which represents the whole of the plumbing system.  As the electric field (AC signal) is generated by the SC Unit, current (IAC) is flowing along the length of the pipe.  The distance the signal will travel is directly proportional to the strength of the signals peak to peak VOLTAGE, and the conductivity of the fluid media or piping material. Since voltage divides at each branch in the piping circuit, just as it does on other conductors, the length of travel is also reduced accordingly.  With the standing sine wave being a frequency of approximately 200 kHz, this gives us a quarter wavelength of 410 yards.  Because we are referring to corrosion in this discussion, in this case we will consider the pipe to be made of a conductive material.  Those who understand electrical principles will realize that this is exactly the same effect which occurs along electrical transmission lines bringing power into our homes and workplaces, although in this case the frequency used in the USA is 60Hz.  Although the HydroFLOW is not a magnet itself, the current generates co-axial magnetic lines (flux) at right angles along the entire piping system, to the point at which the signal is dissipated.  The flux field established are indicated as the red circles in the above diagrams, and will also diminish as the signal moves away from the unit itself.  The flux field should not to be confused with the electrical field, which is what is directly being generated by the unit itself, and being induced into the fluid column.

Here is a link for more information regarding magnetic fields in relation to electric signals.

For those of you concerned about EMF radiation, keep in mind that the EMF radiation being generated by the monitor you are currently looking at is most likely 1000x (or more) greater than EMF resulting from the signal which HydroFLOW generates.

The resulting magnetic field generated is much more concentrated in the center along the entire length of the pipe, as you can see in the diagram on the right.  This strong magnetic field forces the electrons (of the IAC) to travel as far away from the center as possible.  If the pipe is a metal conductor, all the electrons will travel on the outer skin of that pipe.  This has an important effect on the formation of corrosion.  By eliminating the electrons from the surface in contact with the water, no corrosion can form inside the pipes. 

One of the most important effects generated by HydroFLOW is the elimination of corrosion inside the piping systems.  Other physical water treatment systems simply can not achieve this effect due to the magnetic field being localized to the immediate area of the unit itself.


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