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Hydropath Technology
Electronic Water Conditioners - Scale Inhibitors

HydroFLOW Electronic Water Conditioner for Domestic Applications

Savastat SC HydroPath electronic water conditioner for spas

Buyer Beware!  All Electric Water Conditioners (Physical Water Treatment Systems) Are Not alike!

HydroFLOW is an electronic water conditioner far superior to any other on the market today.  HydroFLOW induces a signal into the piping system which effectively conditions all the water within the system, both upstream and downstream of the unit, all of the time.

Unlike other electronic water conditioners, HydroFLOW achieves nearly a 1 to 1 induction ratio, which means that nearly all the power of the signal being generated is effectively induced into the system, where it does its job in treating the water to prevent and eliminate lime scale.

This unique induction system using a ferrite ring mounted around the pipe is not susceptible to pipe expansion or contraction, which often damages coil type systems which generally have a fine wire wrapped tightly around the pipe.  HydroFLOW need not even make contact with the pipe, and can even be mounted over cladding or insulation and still propagate the full signal into the system!

Because other electronic water conditioning technologies only achieve a small fraction of inductance compared to the HydroFLOW, they can only treat the water in a very localized area, generally within INCHES of the unit itself.  Coil magnets DO NOT INDUCE A SIGNAL AT ALL.  Magnets of any type, coil or permanent rely on the flux field of the magnet itself, and FLOWING WATER to try to do their job.  Once the water passes the magnet, the achieved effect is rapidly lost.  This is why they have such a poor performance history, especially in domestic systems where the water rarely is flowing even 1% of the time!

HydroFLOW's unique signal is working to condition the water all of the time, both upstream and downstream of the unit itself.  Treated water maintains the effect even outside of the signal area (which can be many kilometers, depending on the size of the unit) for up to 30 minutes after leaving the treated area.  A properly sized system will treat an entire facility to provide conditioning 100% of the time. 

Keep in mind that it is the signal being propagated in the water itself that is providing the conditioning effect, and some components of a piping system will act as a barrier to the signal (i.e. filters & pumps).  Large commercial or industrial facilities may need multiple units strategically placed to insure treatment of the entire facility. 

Location of the units being key, we work with our clients to insure successful deployment of all Hydropath products.


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