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ECMI now offers Limescale Service Contracts for various applications and equipment!


ECMI Scale Prevention Service Contracts

ECMI now offers Scale Prevention Service Contracts!

Does your organization have specific appliances or equipment which suffer from excessive maintenance issues regarding limescale?Are you currently paying for a service contract to de-lime your equipment?Do you have, or think you need a water softener, and would like a better alternative?

If you answered yes to any of the above, consider taking a look at our service contract offerings.  An ECMI Service Contract will provide your organization with a cost effective method to deal with your limescale maintenance issues.

Common Equipment We Offer Service Contracts with:

  • Gas Fired Humidifiers (Dri-Steem ® and others)
  • Commercial Coffee Machines  (Bunn-O-Matic ® and others)
  • Steam Boiler/Generator/Humidifiers
  • Commercial Steamers for Restaurants (Cleveland Steamcraft® and others)
  • Commercial & Industrial Ice Machines
  • Many other commercial or industrial appliances & applications

What you get:

  • ECMI will provide you with the required equipment to prevent limescale in your appliance or equipment. (This is a much better approach than constant cleaning!)
  • ECMI will guarantee that your equipment will not require de-liming during the contract period.
  • If for any reason (other than equipment failure or improper installation) your equipment requires limescale removal during the contract period, ECMI will provide and pay for the service call.

Limescale Service Contracts for scale removal for these types of equipment often cost $1000 or more per year!  With the ECMI Service contracts, your organization's equipment will be protected from limescale at a fraction of the typical costs!  For many organizations, service contracts make better economic sense than purchasing or leasing the equipment.

Contact us today to inquire about the complete details of a Limescale Service Contract for your facility or equipment.

** Savastat is a trademark of Fuel Economy Limited (UK)
*** HydroFLOW, AquaKLEAR, SpaKLEAR, AgriFLOW and SteamKLEAR are Trademarks of Hydropath Holdings (UK)
+ "Load Compensation" is a descriptive term used to describe Savastat LC principles of operation
++ "Physical Water Treatment" (PWT) or "Physical Water Conditioner" are terms used in the water industry for non-chemical water treatment or conditioning
All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners.
Note: Savastat SC Series units are Hydropath (UK) products, privately labeled for our use.


Dri-Steem Gas Fired Humidifiers
Protect your Dri-Steem(TM) Humidifier
For under $50 per month!*
Cleveland Steamers
Protect your Cleveland Steamer(TM)
for under $50 per month!*
Bunn-O-Matic Coffe Machines
Protect your Bunn-O-Matic(TM)
for under $25 per month!*

*Prices based on 24 month contracts


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